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Creates events into experiences Creates events into experiences

Access Your Favourite Artists

LYVE XP offers a selection of Featured Artists for you to discover and fall in love with through our exclusive TV content and live events. We also feature all those artists you already know and love and keep you up to date with their tours and live appearances.

Access Your Favourite Artists
Why LYVE XP is for you

Why LYVE XP is for you!

LYVE XP is here to enhance your live music and entertainment experience. We are an experiential event discovery platform committed to you by offering innovative memberships and rewards. With a number of membership and subscription options, there’s something for everyone and you can make your future live events the most memorable and magical experience of your life.

Securely Buy and Sell your Event Tickets

LYVE XP Exchange is our safe and secure ticketing marketplace where you can easily buy and sell tickets. You can sell your tickets simply by uploading the ticket with full details, we then verify the validity of the ticket and send it live for sale. Once your ticket sells, we transfer the funds directly to you, hassle free.

Securely Buy and Sell your Event Tickets